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Wooden Horse Restoration

Wooden Horse Restoration

When Horsey walked into our workshop, he was looking very sad but we knew we were going to have a lot of fun restoring him! He was all dried up, the joints had split, the top was coming off and he was very unstable.

The back end was popping off, completely disjointed.

The timber was so split around the tail area it just came off in our hands.

So after dismantling Horsey completely, we cleaned up all the joints carefully and started the reassembly, like a giant 3-D jigsaw puzzle. To ensure it was all stable and sturdy, we inserted a few screws in key places, and hid them with wooden plugs.

For the tail, we needed to remove the old broken and damaged timber, replace it with some new timber, then insert the tail end in it and sculpt the new timber to shape.

Once back into shape and all the new joints sanded and smoothed down, Horsey needed a good clean to get rid of the dust and old original wax.

Finally, it’s time for staining and waxing, and suddenly, Horsey is not only fixed, but looking majestic!

Look at that tail!

Horsey can galop back home now…