White washed pine sideboard

White washed pine sideboard

And now, for something… completely different…

From time to time, we have customers asking us to transform their exiting furniture. They would have a pretty standard piece of pine furniture, varnished with a regular matt or gloss finish, and they would like to have it looking different, fresher and trendier.

Applying white wax onto bare wood will give your old furniture a wonderful limed wood finish that highlights the grain and will make you feel like you just got yourself a brand new piece of furniture with a mediterranean feel.

The original finished was removed, the wood sanded and cleaned, and 2 coats of white wax were applied, before being finished with 2 coats of transparent wax to seal it.

The customer asked us to change the drawers’ handles to something a bit more shiny and dramatic, adding a touch of class to the cabinet and achieving the feeling that this is now a completely different piece of furniture.

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