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Helicopter Table From G Plan

Helicopter Table From G Plan

This mid-century table came to us with dried joints that were starting to fall apart. The legs needed to be dismantled, cleaned up and re glued.

The ebonised legs were worn and in need of refinishing.

Due to its unusual shape, we had to create some jigs to fit the shape of the joints in order to clamp the various components together at the correct angle.

We started by re gluing the legs in pairs, and then assembled the whole frame together.

The frame had a couple of decorative brass caps, and one of them was missing. Since our furniture restorer specialist happens to also be able to do metal work, he took this opportunity to have a bit of fun with a brass sheet, a gas cooker and a hammer…

The brass sheet was heated up before being hammered into shape using a bespoke mould. The excess brass was then cut off and the side of the new cap hammered gently into shape.

After cleaning up the timber, the frame was ebonised and varnished. The table top was cleaned up and revarnished too, bringing this stunning vintage table back to its former glory.